Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Summer Reading Kickoff

We got a late start on our summer reading program this year. But I wasn't too worried since they are always reading anyway. 
We pulled out some foam bookmarks for them to decorate and some coloring bookmarks that they can color in. 
We talked about what the expectations were this year. It wasn't a number of books this year. It was an amount of time each day. 
They were supposed to read for 20 minutes every day for at least 5 days a week to earn the summer reading prize. But for every book they read they could guess a number on their book buck chart. (I pick a number and when they guess the right one they get a book buck which they can use toward the purchases of books). They also had bingo sheets they could use that had subjects from books and places to read that they could pass off for more chances at prizes. 
It was a lot of fun. 

I gave them each two books to start off the program with. 

They wanted to mark something off their bingo sheets right away by reading outside while having a picnic. 
(Notice that Maddy just made two bookmarks and yet she is still using her pair of scissors as a bookmark. Haha.)

We love doing our reading program each summer!


The Kings said...

I like your idea with the girls...you make reading so fun and special!

cheryl said...