Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September moments

Maddy found the witch costume in the dress ups. She wore it for days. 

We had some apple dumplings on Apple Dumpling Day. 
September always feels like a month for apples.

I bought some bookish candles. 
I loved seeing this one burning next to some of my Beauty and the Beast things. 
It is called Beast's Library and it does smell the way you would imagine it to. 

Maddy looked like this for school picture day. 

Abi's school had spirit week and on wear a team jersey day she wore regular clothes and taped on this paper that said Team Fluttershy. Haha. 

I did the Patronus test on Pottermore. 
My patronus is a fox!
That worked out so well since it is one of five favorite animals!
(owl, fox, cat, hedgehog, dolphin)

I got a rewards coupon from Build a Bear to use for an animal. 
We went and made a halloween cat!

The fluff machine ran out of fluff and Maddy got to help refill it. 

Abi's best friend Elena got to come over for a play date. 
Her mom brought her over in the morning and we took her home late that night. 
They had the best time and were wearing matching socks!