Monday, September 26, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Fifteen, part one- Traveling to France

On Tuesday, April 19th we woke up around 3:30am to prepare for our departure. 
We got ready and then checked out of the Phoenix Hotel around 5am. 
Our driver was there waiting for us when we checked out. 
Our driver worked for Classic Cars and I would highly recommend them. The price was high but not outrageous especially since he was driving us all the way from London to Poole which took about two and a half hours. 
It was pretty nice to sit back and relax and let someone else drive!

Blurry picture of England as we drove -

Our driver was so nice. We were pretty quiet for the first part of the drive, a little small talk here and there and then it got interesting. He was from Iraq and was Islamic. 
He talked to us about what they believe and asked us about our beliefs as well. 
He told us all about what it was like when his family left Iraq and their life since. 
Also about his family and kids. 
It was so fun to talk to him and get his perspective. Learning about other people's religions and other parts of the world is so cool when you are getting it first hand. 
It was a really enjoyable drive. 
Here he is unloading our bags. 

He drove us right to the ferry office in Poole. 
We said goodbye and we went in to check in. 
I bought our tickets pretty far in advance to make sure we could get them. 
Also, I paid the extra 30 euros for a cabin. I couldn't believe it was only 30 euros!
We waited at the office for a bus that took us onto the ferry. 
There is our ferry in the back!

Walking through the hallways....

Our cabin: 

It was perfect. There were two spots that turned into beds and a nice little table. 
Our luggage took up all the space in between our two couch/ beds. There also could be two more beds pulled down if you needed them. 
We had the outer cabin so we had a window. 

There was also a closet area by the door.

And a bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower. 

We dropped off our things, took a picture of the dock from inside our cabin, and then went out on the deck to look around as we left. 

Looking over the railing...

Waving goodbye to England. We were very excited to be going to France, but I'm not going to lie... I was sad to say goodbye to England. 

We spy the cliffs of Dover way out there in the distance....

 Not the white cliffs, but similar. 

It was pretty chilly walking along the deck but so fun. We both love the ocean so much and crossing the English Channel was so amazing. 
There's our room!

 Some deck selfies...

We were on the ferry for about four and a half hours if I am remembering correctly... (I didn't write down the time!)
After wandering for a while we decided to take naps in our room. 
One thing about me is that I don't take naps. I can't. 
If I take a nap 9 times out of 10 I wake up so grumpy and more tired than I was before. 
But we were up so early this morning that I really wanted to try. 
We slept for a long time and it was the BEST nap I have ever had. 
It was really comfortable on the little beds, quiet, and seriously, I just can't even describe it. 
It was the most relaxing nap I have ever had. 
We woke up refreshed and feeling great. 
It kind of made me wish I could always sleep on the water!
When we woke up we freshened up.
We were getting close to France.

Whenever we entered a new country I would get an alert on my phone welcoming us. 
On the way across the channel this popped up...

I have no idea why. Maybe there is part of the channel owned by Italy? 
Pretty cool either way. 

 As soon as we both were ready, we went down to the lounge and got some lunch.

We both got ready made chicken and tomato sandwiches, chips, and milk. 
My mom also got a soda and a muffin.  
It was pretty good. 
Then we went out on the deck to watch as we were getting close to Cherbourg. 

We are there!
We went off the ferry and checked in at passport control and then walked to the other side of the terminal where I called Enterprise to let them know we were there so they could pick us up. 

Next up: our first night in France!
Also, I will be doing some posts of our very favorite things about each country after I am done writing about the entire trip!


The Kings said...

It was so nice to have such a nice driver take us to Poole. And I loved the ferry ride. So fun to see the Channel and to take a very awesome nap! And now for our adventure in France! Thanks for the fun to re-live our most amazing trip!!

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