Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Random February

Here are some of February's random moments: 

 Doug's mom brought some cute headbands from Hong Kong and gave them to the girls. She helped them to see how to wear them and Abi was in love with it!

The night before Doug's parents left to go back to Hong Kong to prepare for their next mission, we all got together at their house. 

The girls have been putting on a record amount of "shows" lately. They like to dress up and add some bling and then they do music shows and plays. 

In February Maddy decided she was really into Minecraft, even though she has never seen it or played it, and was printing off these templates to make minecraft people. She loved them. This lasted a few weeks.

One day when getting ready to go to Pokemon club at the library, Maddy came in dressed up and asked Doug for a tie so she could look like "a private school kid".

Maddy and Abi both continue to constantly draw, especially Maddy. I know I am biased but I think she is really talented. 

Maddy made Rarity from My Little Pony out of Legos. 

Maddy and her new sunglasses.

One night my mom was over and we were playing games. 
I took a picture of Abi but she looked away right when I took it. When I looked at it afterward it freaked me out because I think she looks like a teenager in it....

I think Abi is a really talented artist as well...

Playing Twister...

Playing Spy...

Some more of Maddy's artwork...

Abi and her best friend showed up to school wearing matching pants. 

Doug brought home Pikachu hats from Hong Kong. They were a little excited!

I just love seeing my kids reading around the house. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

RAD Kids

Last month Abi graduated from Rad Kids at school. 
RAD kids is a program that teaches the kids how to defend themselves, stay safe, and what to do in scary situations. I was a volunteer for part of it so I got to see some of the information as it was presented but I wasn't there on the physical days so when they showed their "moves" it was all new to me. 
On graduation day we were invited to come in and watch them go through all of the moves and scenarios that they learned. 

The guy in red played the bad guy. I can't see Abi here but it was when she was kicking his shins. 

At the last part they each took turns getting in full gear and they had three different scenarios with him where they had to run away/ defend themselves from him. 
He picked them up from behind and they had to fight their way down. 
It was crazy to watch. 
They all did a great job. And it is so nice to know that Abi knows what to do. 
Doug was out of town and a parent had to be in the "safe zone" for the kids to run to after each attack. 
So I don't have any pictures of Abi during her turn except for this one when she was in line in gear. 

After all the kids were done, they called them each one by one to give them high fives and then they got their diploma from their teacher. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Field Trip

I was able to go to our capitol building with Abigail's class for a field trip. 
I was "in charge" of seven kids which was a little stressful as I am the kind of person that is constantly counting heads. But we had a lot of fun. 
I sat on the bus with Abi and her best friend Elena. 

When we first arrived they took us in a big room with the school district's government representatives and they talked to the kids about government and what they would be doing/ seeing. 
Then we broke up into smaller groups and went on a tour of the building. 
It is a beautiful building and it is where I attended Prom twice so it was kind of fun to be back and show Abi where we danced, stood for pictures,e tc. 
The woman in the orangy-pink colored shirt right there was our guide. She was great!

We walked into the room where they were voting on bills and we got to watch for a few minutes. 
Then we went to our senator's office and he talked to the kids for a while. 

When we were done with the tour we went out onto the steps to have our packed lunches. 

I had to get a picture of my great group of kids. They were all fun. 
I love this picture because of the fact that all three of Abi's best friends were in our group. 
And I think they look so cute all clustered together there. 
(Abi, Elena, Kamryn, and Charlotte)

After lunch we walked down the road and did a scavenger hunt at the Pioneer museum. 
It was a LONG field trip. And super tiring. We walked quite a few miles by the time we were done. 
But it was really fun and I'm glad I was able to go with her. 
After school we were able to go pick up Abi's glasses. 
She loves them so much and I think she looks adorable in them!