Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our temporary kittens

I have missed having cats. I love cats and it had been about 16 years since I have had one. We have been talking about it for years and knew as soon as we bought a house we would get some. 
The girls and I went to an adoption event and fell in love instantly with two little kittens. 

Luna was a sweet little girl with the loudest purr I have ever heard.

Crookshanks was an awesome little guy that was my favorite kind of cat- orange tabby. 

We were so happy when we got them home and spent hours cuddling and playing with them. 

First sign of some sniffles...

Maddy reading to Crookshanks...

We soon realized that we were having some major allergy issues with these guys so I had to take them outside to spend most of their time while we figured out what to do. 
It was pretty funny. Inside the house Luna was cuddly and Crookshanks was more wild. 
As soon as they were outside Crookshanks would stand looking at the window wanting back in while Luna turned into a jungle cat exploring in the grass and bushes and chasing all the bugs.

After talking to the woman we adopted them from we realized we would have to have them outside if we kept them and she wanted us to return them so they could adopt them out to someone else. 

On the day we were set to return them Maddy went to school like this. And I let her. I was not going to battle with her over her clothes on such a sad day. It was sad for all of us and I still get sad when I look at the pictures of them and wonder if there was anything we should have done different to be able to keep them. But it was the hardest on Maddy. 

My last picture of our little wild Luna. 

We will miss these guys. We decided that we have to just look at it as the money we spent on them was making a donation to a cause we believe in- a rescue that doesn't kill. 
And that we were just fostering them for a few days. 
That has helped a little bit. 


The Kings said...

It was a fun experience for you and the girls even though it lasted such a short time!

cheryl said...

Yes, it was. We still miss them sometimes!