Tuesday, September 27, 2016

August moments

Maddy and Abi wanted to have a yogurt making contest. 
They both started with our yogurt and then added things. 
Maddy ended up just adding some crushed up oreos. Abi added a bunch of frozen berries and stirred them in. 
Then I had to judge. 
Abi's won for most pretty. Maddy's won for tastiest. 

Maddy gave her first talk in primary at church. She did a great job. 
Grandma and Grandpa King came to watch and then invited us over for lunch afterward. 

The girls have been begging to play Bean Boozled for a very long time. 
We finally saw it in a store and so I followed through and played it with them. 

This game was terrible. So gross. 

Maddy with her rotten egg jelly bean. 

I didn't make us eat the bean. If it was the gross flavor, which it usually was, we spit them out into a bowl. Man, they were gross. 
The only one we liked in the "bad" flavor was the toothpaste. That one was the best after you had a skunk spray or dog food. It was the only thing that could take the taste out of your mouth right away.