Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Catching Up

If you are paying attention you will see that I have just posted two and a half months worth of posts this morning. 
I have fallen so far behind on my blogging of our lives as I have been trying to get out all of my trip posts!
I decided today that since I had a free morning I wanted to just get them all on here so that I would be completely caught up except for the trip. 
That way I can move forward trying to keep up with our lives and doing the rest of the trip posts as well. 
This way maybe I will be able to get back into my tag posts!

Little Ladies Club

The girls and I decided we wanted to start something that we are calling Little Ladies Club. 
I wanted to make aprons for us to wear whenever we do the activities. We have been watching Road to Avonlea so we wanted to do "Avonlea" style aprons. 
I spent about a week making them. 
This is how they turned out: 

We did our first activity this past weekend. 
We made bread in a bag. 
I set it all up for them beforehand so they came downstairs to find their spots looking like this:

There were a few mishaps and spills here and there but we had a lot of fun. 
While the bread was rising and baking we watched two episodes of Avonlea. 
It was so much fun!

New Table

We loved the long farmhouse table that the previous owners had in this house when we first came through it.We have been using a card table as a dining table for years so we decided we needed a really nice table for this space. Doug measured their table before they moved it out and he and his friend Jason began building us one. 
They spent a few months working on it every Saturday that they could. 
Finally last week it was finished. 
I was so happy when they showed up with it!

I think they did such a beautiful job!
I love it!

Bridal Veil Falls

One day after school I surprised the girls by driving up Provo Canyon to hike up to Bridal Veil Falls. 
It is a very easy path, more of a walk than a hike. 

It was so lovely to see the autumn colors starting. 

Gratitude Journals

For Family Home Evening we made gratitude journals. 
I gave the girls these cute little journals and then put out a bunch of stickers for them to use to decorate them. We talked about gratitude and watched some church videos about it. 
It was a really fun activity. 

Maddy did a funny little dance when she was done.

September moments

Maddy found the witch costume in the dress ups. She wore it for days. 

We had some apple dumplings on Apple Dumpling Day. 
September always feels like a month for apples.

I bought some bookish candles. 
I loved seeing this one burning next to some of my Beauty and the Beast things. 
It is called Beast's Library and it does smell the way you would imagine it to. 

Maddy looked like this for school picture day. 

Abi's school had spirit week and on wear a team jersey day she wore regular clothes and taped on this paper that said Team Fluttershy. Haha. 

I did the Patronus test on Pottermore. 
My patronus is a fox!
That worked out so well since it is one of five favorite animals!
(owl, fox, cat, hedgehog, dolphin)

I got a rewards coupon from Build a Bear to use for an animal. 
We went and made a halloween cat!

The fluff machine ran out of fluff and Maddy got to help refill it. 

Abi's best friend Elena got to come over for a play date. 
Her mom brought her over in the morning and we took her home late that night. 
They had the best time and were wearing matching socks!