Thursday, April 30, 2015

Easter Egg Hunting

We had our annual King family Easter egg hunt at my sister's house the day before Easter.

The kids waited inside while the grown-ups hid the eggs outside and then the hunt began. 

"I already found an egg!"

My sister got a special little basket for Abi and Maddy since they are the only little kids now. 
Maddy found hers in a tree. 

At the same time Abi came running towards us yelling because she found hers! 
They had no idea that they had these waiting for them out there. 

It was a perfect day for the egg hunt!

Extreme egg hunting. 

After the hunt. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2nd Birthday

I got to have a second birthday this year!
My mom asked what I wanted and I told her I wanted to hang out like we have done a few other years. 
So she came up to spend the night. 
First, we went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant that we used to go to when I was a teenager. 
We hadn't been there for 20 years and it was really different. 

The funniest thing happened when we first got there. 
We went in what we thought was the entrance and there was a guy sitting on a stool. 
He asked us for our ID's and then asked us if we were drinking or eating and drinking. 
I said, "Just eating." 
I am sure he was really confused but he gave us some suggestions and waved us through. 
Once past we realized that this was a bar. 
It had some tables but it was a very bar atmosphere. 
Not even a fun one like a pub or something. 
There was a table with two guys at it watching every move we made and I was feeling really uncomfortable so I said, "Do you want to go somewhere else?"
She agreed and we walked out. 
On our way back to my car I noticed another door that we hadn't seen before because it was behind us as we walked. 
I opened it to see what it was and it was the door to the restaurant. 
Apparently they share the building with a cantina. 
It was so funny. 

We got a booth and ordered our food and drinks. 

We both got "unleaded" pina colada's. They were so good. 

The food was quite good. 
We had a really fun time. 
On the way out we had to document the door I somehow didn't see. 

And the sign on the wall right in front of my car. Oops.

After dinner we went to Ulta to pick up my birthday freebie and then to Barnes and Noble where my mom used the rest of my money to get me this darling Peter Rabbit bag and the Percy Jackson series. 
I used money from my aunt and grandma to buy the other book. 

This bag is so darn cute. 
This is the back of it with the little cotton tail.

And the inside fabric. 
I plan on taking it somewhere very special next year. 
(details about that to come later)

We got some ice cream and went home to relax and watch some Downton Abbey episodes. 
PERFECT second birthday!

The next morning we went to Ihop for breakfast since I usually do that on my real birthday but this year we waited to do it with my mom. 

Such fun!

Monday, April 20, 2015

My birthday

I still get excited for birthdays. 
I think they are so much fun. 
This year I turned 38. 
It's hard to believe because I still feel really young in my head!

On my birthday night they gave me these bags.

And I opened all this fun stuff!
Well, except for the drink. 
Doug brought that huge drink home for me. 
I got the Selection series, the sequel to Way of Kings- Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson, the next book in the Cragbridge Hall series, and the latest installment in Brandon Mull's Five Kingdom's series. 
Plus I got a cute hat, a scarf (because I am trying to figure out how to wear them without being annoyed by them) and some jewelry that I picked up myself. 
Plus my favorite gift- Abi wrote a little book for me!

After gifts were opened and the kids were playing in their room, I settled in with a giant oreo ( I made those this year instead of a cake) and a good book. 
The best kind of birthday!

Abi day

A couple of Saturdays ago I took Abi to the library for the Pokemon club. 
Pokemon is something that has recently become very popular with both of our girls. 
It was a little overwhelming at first because it was our first time and we weren't sure what to do. 
But this boy helped Abi to figure out how to properly battle with the cards and he even gave her a bunch of cards for free (one really special one). 
He was very nice. 
She had a great time. 

Afterward we decided to try Swig for the first time. 
It was really fun. 

Girls day

A few weeks ago Doug was gone and it was warm outside. 
So we declared it a girls day. 
We went to one park in Draper but the girls were not impressed. 
So then we went to another park in Draper. 
It was crazy crowded but we stayed about 20 minutes. 

Then we were going to go get drinks but the girls really wanted frozen yogurt. 
So we stopped at USwirl instead. 
They went a little overboard with their yogurt. 

It was really yummy and a very special treat because I don't remember the last time we went there. 
We then shopped a bit at Michael's to get ready for the upcoming spring break week and then went to our closest park for awhile. 

Maddy looks like she is doing a little robot dance here. 

Abi wanted to show Abi the tree that she climbed so up she went and Maddy followed. 

It was such a fun day!