Sunday, September 14, 2014

Disney Movie Night: Snow White

Our movie night this week was Snow White. 
Abi came home from school on Friday with pink eye. So it's been a little hectic around our house. She was not feeling great. And I wanted to make it very simple. 
We made Split Pea Soup (because Snow White makes the dwarves some soup.) 
There was also "Seven Dwarves in blankets".
And for dessert: apple pie. 
I just bought a store bought and went with it. 
We didn't do any real activity. Abi just built with blocks and Abi rested on the couch.

Ribbon Sculpture

This week I tried a craft I have been wanting to learn for a long time. 
Making ribbon sculpture bows. 
I went through all my ribbon and picked up some new colors as well. 
Got some no fray stuff at hobby lobby along with some googly eyes, alligator clips, and more glue for my hot glue gun. 
I spent time Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday working on them. It was pretty fun. 
Ughh.. sideways. Anyway- Abi asked me if I could make a bow and attach a mini pony. So we tried it. They are kind of heavy so I haven't attached them to a headband or clip yet. I think I will pick up some more heavy duty clips to attach them to.
The Sleeping Beauty on the left was my first. I am not at all happy with her. So I made a second that I like much better. 
Other bows- Tinkerbell and Rapunzel.
Little hula girls, Belle, Abi and Maddy dressed in Minnie Mouse inspired dresses, and Sofia the first.
Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Anna, and Elsa.
Ariel and Snow White
After finishing all of the Disney bows I wanted- I moved to holidays. 
Pumpkins, ghosts, and Turkeys.
Christmas trees and a Donotello for Maddy.
I will probably make a few more but wanted to be done for now to move onto some other projects.

Painted faces

Last week we went to our local Kid to Kid for their annual Halloween costume unveiling event. It was crazy. But so much fun. We ended up getting an adorable Minnie Mouse outfit for Maddy (not even a costume- a shirt and skirt from Disneyland Paris),a Halloween skirt for Abi, a summer outfit for Abi (too cute to pass up even if summer is over- it will be fine for around the house and will still fit her next summer as it is one size up) and a really cute Halloween hoodie for Maddy. We didn't end up leaving with any costumes but were so happy with what we got. The girls each got to pick out a free prize. Maddy got a pencil with this cupcake topper thing on the end and Abi picked out a huge tube of glow stick things. It had glow eyeglasses, earings, sticks, etc. Pretty cool. Then they got to get their faces painted as well. It was a really fun Saturday activity.

Disney Movie Night: Toy Story

For Toy Story movie night I made homemade pizza. 
It was a very simple night. 
For the activity there was playing with our Mr. Potato Head toys.

Painted Shoes: Beauty and the Beast

I really wanted to make some Stained glass Beauty and the beast shoes for myself. But I was also pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to do it. 
I sat down and drew on the designs with pencil and then went over the pencil lines with a black paint marker. 
Then I painted them in. 
After I was finally done filling in every spot with paint, I let them dry overnight and then went back over all of the lines with the black paint marker again.
I LOVE how they turned out!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Small World skirts

I made these skirts for our upcoming Disney trip.
A few years ago I bought the Small World fabric on Etsy knowing that eventually I would want to make something with them. However there wasn't much of the fabric so I knew I would have to get creative with using it in a way that it still was the focus of the skirt but I wouldn't need much of it. 
I saw a skirt on a trip report over on the Disboards. I couldn't ask what pattern it was because they had bought it already made. 
So ever since then I have been on a quest to find the pattern. I finally found it a week ago on You can Make This.  It is this pattern. (Audrey ruffle skirt and it comes in a few different variations)
I got the pattern in both sizes that I needed for a very reasonable price and then got to work. 
I just love how they turned out!

Disney movie night: Sleeping Beauty

Saturday I took the girls to see Maleficent. It was awesome. We loved it. 
We finished off the weekend by watching Sleeping Beauty. 
It's interesting watching it after Maleficent. They really changed SO much of the storyline. But I have to say that even though Sleeping Beauty was always one of my favorites... I am pretty sure I like the Maleficent version better. And I'm pretty sure the girls did too. 
So, back to Sleeping Beauty. 
I made breakfast for dinner. 
We were already all in our pajamas. 
We had pancackes, eggs, bacon, and strawberries. 
We drank Sleeping Potion which was just Sprite. 

And we had a birthday cake for Aurora. I wanted it to be a little similar to the one in the movie so it is a little off balance and messily frosted... but I only did two tiers. Also made it half pink and half blue because that is the girls' favorite thing in the film.