Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Princess Pageant

I was thinking that we would skip the Pumpkin Princess Pageant at Cornbelly's this year, but Abi really wanted to do it. 
It was the last year that she would be young enough to be in it and every other year there has been a winner in the 9-10 age group and she thought that she would have a good chance of winning. 
Just like every other time we have done the pageant, I just dressed them in festive clothes we already had. 
 Abi wanted a bun on top of her head that would look like a pumpkin (20 minutes before time to leave) so I did my best by making a bun, wrapping some orange ribbon around it, and then dangling some green ribbons out of the bun. 

Maddy really wasn't that into it this year but then she decided that she did want to do it so she could get the free pumpkin. 

While we waited for it to start, Maddy enjoyed wandering around in the pumpkins looking for her "perfect pumpkin". 

She did end up finding one that she thought was perfect but I didn't want to have to hold it all through the pageant and then walking around Cornbelly's and the corn maze so I told her we would come back to get it before we left. 

We still had some time so they did a lot of playing in the Pumpkin Princess play area. 

When they saw these big Lego's they thought it would be fun to have Maddy get inside and build them up around her. 

I can hardly see you Maddy!

As soon as she was trapped (I love how you can only see the top of that little pumpkin headband!), she decided she had had enough and it was time to knock the thing down. 

Then the pageant started. 
This year they had two kids come on the stage at a time. 
Maddy was pretty funny being restless on the stage while the other girl was being "interviewed". 
Trivia- the girl next to her ended up winning. 

She played dress up for the rest of the pageant. 

When it was Abi's turn, she was really poised and confident. 
It surprised me how she presented herself. 

At the end all of the kids were called back up to announce the winner. 
I loved that Maddy was in a knights outfit at this point!

All of the parents were rushing the stage to get pictures so I could hardly get one of Abi, but there she is. 

I went around to the side to get a better one of Maddy in her dress up. 

Then while they announced I went back to my seat and thought I would take a picture of all the parents because, come on, this is funny.

They changed it up this year and only had the one winner. Abi was disappointed as there were only three girls in her category and she thought she would have won... but she was still happy to have been there and to be able to go have fun.

Next we hit the corn maze. 

Abi was the leader and got us to the exit!

Now it was time to go find our pumpkins. Maddy ran back to where her perfect pumpkin had been and it was still there! She was so happy.

Abi found her perfect pumpkin too.

Another fun day at Cornbelly's!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gardner Village

 Every year we try to make it to Gardner Village in the fall to do the Witches Scavenger Hunt. 
The girls were really looking forward to it. 
They dressed in their witch outfits and we went on a day off from school.

We shopped and looked for witches and just had a good time. 
We also got to pet this baby alpaca. 

Another fun outing!