Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Beatrix Potter day

I really wanted to celebrate Beatrix Potter day this year with a fun tea party. 
 I made a bunch of sheep out of white balloons. 

Then I had my mom (she came over for the tea party) read a book about Beatrix Potter while I was finishing setting up the tea party.

The spread:

I made cucumber sandwiches (which I love) in the shape of bunnies. 

We had little donut holes with chocolate sprinkles on them to make them into hedgehogs. 

I also made some scones.

Along with it we had veggies from Mr. McGregor's garden, dip, chocolate pudding in the cute flower pots, and some pink lemonade tea. 

After our tea party lunch we went outside to play the game. 
The girls had to use fly swatters to try to get the sheep from one area of the yard to the other area.

Maddy was sad because some of her sheep popped.

She loved her sheep.

She resorted to carrying them so they wouldn't pop. 

This was a really fun activity!
Afterward we watched some Peter Rabbit cartoons. 
I loved it.
We will definitely be doing this again next year!


The Kings said...

It was such a cute idea and I loved joining you all! The decor and the food was so eye-pleasing and delectable!

cheryl said...

Thanks. So glad you got to enjoy it with us.