Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Disney World: Day 3, parts 5,6,7, and 8

Disney World: Day 3, part 5- Magic Kingdom, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and an overload of pictures
In which we watch the girls get transformed into princesses

Disney World: Day 3 part 6- Princess Photo Shoot
In which the girls have their princess photo shoot after the boutique

Disney World: Day 3, part 7- Break for a birthday party
In which we go back to our room to have a birthday party

Disney World: Day 3, part 8- A Grand dinner
In which we dine with Cinderella, Prince Charming, and the Tremaine's (a favorite!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Maddy and Mommy's Day of Fun!

Every year I have wanted to go to the Festival of Trees and this year I found out the dates for it only a couple of days before it started. 
I wanted Abi to be able to go too but I didn't want to take her out of school since she missed so many days for our Disney trip. 
So I talked to her about it and she said she was fine with me and Maddy going on a day while she was still in school. 
The Scholastic book fair was on the same day so Maddy and I decided to make a day of it. 
First we went to the book fair and got a few great new books. 
We also picked up a book about a Christmas Kitty... and it came with a stuffed animal. 
She took that thing everywhere for a few days and of course it had to come with us in everywhere we went this day. 
Then we went to lunch at Chick Fi La
And then on to the Festival of Trees...
We checked out the gingerbread creations first. They were amazing. Lots of houses and a few temples. And many more things. Really talented people!
Then we moved onto the trees. 
Maddy called this the Grandma tree because it had a Nutcracker theme and my mom has a lot of nutcrackers.
Our Disney trip resulted in Maddy becoming obsessed with Winnie the Pooh so she was really excited to see this Winnie the Pooh picnic...
And we had to get a picture of the Mario tree!

She wanted a picture of one of the My Little Pony trees to show Abi...

And my favorite was the Doctor Who tree!

Another of Maddy's favorites: 
The Minnie Mouse tree
We browsed around the gift areas and craft areas and then visited Santa

She was nervous at first and then warmed right up to him. 

This picture is actually from the next day but I thought I would throw it on. 
We went to Barnes and Noble and she got a giant cookie!

Random December

Here are some of our random moments throughout December.... 

A few of our advent tree activities this year came with games that I got a screaming deal on at Kohls on black friday. 
One was Scrabble Alphabet Scoop. 
This is a really fun game!

Our other favorites are the Sofia the first tea party game and Sofia Uno.

One day we went over to the library to play giant Candy Land. The girls loved this so much! They had a great time and got to move along together. 

December 1st

A few years ago we stole one of my sister's traditions and started having dinner in the dark on December 1st. 
It is such a fun tradition to have quiet Christmas music playing (I chose the Downton Abbey Christmas CD) and all the lights out in the whole house with only these two candles for light. 

After dinner we started all of our advent activities. 
First, the advent streamer. Abi got to go first.

She also got to open the first door of the Lefo friends advent. 

And Maddy got to get out our first day from the advent tree. 
It is always a new book. 

Doug gave the girls some popcorn in the new popcorn buckets from Disney World.

And we settled in to read our new book:
The Berenstain Bears Old Fashioned Christmas

Such a fun night!

Disney World Day 3, part 3 and 4

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In which we have breakfast in the castle with a bunch of princesses. 

In which Maddy helps tell a tale as old as time

Monday, January 26, 2015

Trimming the Tree

The weekend after Thanksgiving we got out the Christmas decorations and decked out the house. 
Then it was time to get out our tree!
I put together our ornament piles (one for each of us) and put on the Carpenters Christmas album (because we can't decorate the tree without listening to it!)
and we got to work.
It's so much fun to look at all of our ornament and talk about all the memories connected to each one.

Abi put the star on the tree.
Then it was time to have a cup of cocoa... but the girls asked for eggnog this year instead.

As usual we sleep around the tree after we decorate it. 
So we set up beds for the girls on the floor and settled in for a cozy night watching Barbie's Perfect Christmas by fire and tree light.

Our new ornaments for this year. 
We got them all at Disney World.
Victorian Mickey and Minnie globe and Beauty and the Beast dancing are the family ornaments, 
Winnie the Pooh and Piglet for Maddy, 
and Tinkerbell for Abi. 
We let them each pick theirs while we were there.

The next morning the girls played the Christmas checkers that Doug and I played the night we met.

Disney World: Day Three, part Two- Magic Kingdom

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Hollywood Studios part two and three

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Disney World Day Two, part one: Hollywood Studios

The link to part one of Day two at Disney World: 
In which we meet some characters and draw one too.

Thanksgiving 2014

Our Thanksgiving started out as usual... we are definitely creatures of tradition. 
I went to the gas station to get my newspaper and a Mountain Dew (The only time I drink one anymore) and baked our sausage muffins we always have for breakfast. 
Then I made Chex Mix. 
We watched the parade while snacking and perusing the ads. 
Since we would be going to my parents house I had the girls write their letters to Santa early before they got dressed. 

Then all the letters were delivered to the magic mailbox.

Soon after, we got dressed and drove to my parent's house. 
I loved the girls' outfits. 
So adorable. 
And so fun to be with my family for Thanksgiving for the first time in, I think, 7 years.

some prep still going on...

Doug and Alex
Courtney, Maddy, Matthew, Austin, and Logan with McKenna hiding behind them.
We had a great time and then went home for baths and the girls did a craft that I had accidentally left at home. Then to bed!
I didn't go out shopping this year because the stores were just opening too dang early and I wanted to be able to hang out with family instead. 
I did go out on friday morning early and while there was one thing I missed out on, I did get an almost identical deal on Amazon on it a few days later so it was all good. 
I wish they would go back to shopping being on Friday morning everywhere. It was so much more fun. But I think I will continue to go out on Friday morning even if I miss deals.