Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Staycation day Six: Provo Beach Resort

For our sixth day of our Staycation we went to the Provo Beach Resort. 
When we got there we found a huge Poke ball down the walkway. 
They had to get a picture with it, especially since Abi had on Poke ball socks. 

We went into the store by the Poke ball and Maddy got a gumball from the giant gumball machine.

Then it was time for the Provo Beach Resort to be open so we went in. 
Had to get a picture with this: 

Then we went bowling. 
Originally we had planned to use the regular bowling alley but they had this small mini alley that they wanted to use instead. It turned out so fun.

Maddy used a different way of tossing the ball each time.

Abi won the round. We decided to do another round. 

During the first half of the second game, after every turn they had the same score!

Maddy won again, but not by as much this time.

After this game we went downstairs to play in the arcade. 

Then we went outside and played for awhile at the splash pad. 

Another fun day!


The Kings said...

What a fun day!! That was a really cute bowling alley!

cheryl said...

It was fun! We have to go back soon so Abi can spend her tickets.