Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Staycation: Days 2,3,and 4- swimming, park, library, toys, and movie

On the second day of the staycation we went to our local rec center to swim. 
Maddy played on the climbing wall for a few minutes. 

This is the only picture I have from swimming. 
The pool was great. They had a wave pool, water slides, kid play areas, regular pools, and a lazy river. 
We spent a few hours there and had a great time. 

The next day we started out the day by going to the park at lunchtime. I let them have lunchables for a picnic lunch.
And then they played on the toys for a while.

After this we went to the Orem library. They had a Pokemon scavenger hunt similar to the one we had done at the Provo library earlier in the summer. 

At the end of this one they got little buttons. 
Abi, always having to make silly faces.

The last stop of this day was to go to Toys R Us where they each got to pick a toy that was around $10. Abi used some of her saved up money to put toward hers so she could get a bigger toy. 

The next day we took it easy. We stayed in cozy clothes, made popcorn, and watched a new movie we had picked up earlier in the week. 

All three of these days were really fun!


The Kings said...

Yeah for "staycations"!! You make it so much fun for the girls!

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