Thursday, March 26, 2015


My mom spent the night after the book launch party and the next morning we went to the movie theater to meet my dad and go see the new Cinderella movie. 
The girls wanted to be dressed up like Cinderella!

Posing with Grandma

They posed a LOT!
We got some treats and went into get our seats. 
We were so excited. 

The movie didn't disappoint. It was great.
We all loved it.
Little Maddy is such a sensitive girl and cries in just about every movie. 
So this one was no different. 
When Cinderella's mom died she climbed into my lap and just snuggled up with tears running down her cheeks for a few moments. 
But she loved it. 

We went to lunch after. 
It was a great day!

Brandon Mull launch party

Brandon Mull had a huge launch party for the release of his new book in the Five Kingdoms series. 
The last time he did one of these was right after we moved back to Utah and my mom and I went together. 
We decided it would be fun to go again. 
Plus, this time Brandon Sanderson would be signing books and I have just recently finished his book Way of Kings and LOVED it. So I really wanted to meet him and get it signed. 

It was a really fun show just like last time. 
On stage, Brandon's wife, Brandon Sanderson, Christopher Paolini, Richard Paul Evans, Brandon Mull, and Chad Morris.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Some Random moments in March

I could also name this the many outfits of Maddy.
She is always cracking me up by disappearing into her room and then coming out like this. 

Or this

Or this

One day she got out the tea party game and had a tea party with Donatello and her little Triceratops. 

Abi really wants to eventually be one of the kids they have a picture of in the Lego magazine so she keeps making up sets and here is her newest one. 
It is a pet spa. 

One day at church we were sitting out in the hallway.
Maddy said, "Mom, does it look funny when I put my ponytail like this?"

And another day she was a pirate princess. 

And then Tinkerbell

Favorite moments are family reading time!

I went into TJ Maxx with her and put this scarf in my cart. She did this and left it that way the entire time we were in the store. 

And I was so excited for the mail a few days ago!
Doug and I got new phones and I got my new yellow polka dot flexible case and our new Awolnation CD on the same day!

Chinese New Year

 This post is very late!
In fact, we celebrated Chinese New Year the night before we went to Vernal so it is out of order as well. 
I brought along some Chinese New Year activities for the girls to do at my parents' house. 

My mom brought out her tea pot from China. 

They opened red envelopes that had a dollar in them. 

It was a very fun night!

Mckenna's Mission Call

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to be there when my niece McKenna opened her mission call. 
We were so excited!
I had to take a few pictures of the girls because I just love the matching outfits we got from Justice. 

Mckenna had a huge gathering. So big they did it at a church. 
She was called to the Washington, Vancouver mission. 
So excited for her!

More Dinosaur fun

As you know, Abigail and Madeline have been obsessed with dinosaurs lately. 
I have been doing a Dinosaur theme in preschool with Maddy for quite a while now. I don't take pictures of everything we do... but below there will be some. 

One afternoon I let them do one of the dinosaur digs that we got in Vernal. 
They had to dig out little baby Triceratops in eggs. 

And here are some of the preschool dinosaur days.