Tuesday, September 27, 2016

House tour: Abi's room, Maddy's room, Master room, and the playroom

 Abi loves her room. 
It is pretty big and we painted the walls her favorite color of pale pink. 
She also got to put My Little Pony wall stickers all over. 

One thing that has since changed... the 3 drawered plastic container is gone now as we finally got her dresser in here. 

Her Lego spot...

 We hung up all of her beanie boo's in a clear shoe organizer hung on her door. 

Her closet... it even has a window in it. 

Maddy's room: 

We let her decorate it with Shopkins wall stickers. 

Our room:

The playroom: 

 They were having a slumber party camp out in here...

The library area in the playroom...

Down the hallway there is the game closet...

Next time I will do a post on the kitchen and family room, Doug's office and then my library!