Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Fourteen, Part Four- Churchill's War Rooms

Our next stop was to visit the Churchill War Rooms. 
During World War 2 these basement offices became the center of the war effort in Britain. 
They were afraid that if they evacuated Prime Minister Churchill that the people of London would feel abandoned. It was imperative to have a place he could work from and be safe. The New Public Offices building was chosen as it was near Parliament, had a large steel frame, and a large basement. 
It was adapted to meet their needs for a shelter and meeting place. It housed the information 'Map Room'. It became fully operational on August 27, 1939. The War Cabinet met here 115 times. 
They were in use 24 hours a day until August 16, 1945. 
It now houses a museum of the life and work of Winston Churchill as well as showing us the rooms they stayed and worked in.

It was very cool to walk through here and sense the important historical moments that took place in these rooms. 
We were given audio guides to listen to as we walked along. 

We stopped at the cafe part way through to rest our weary feet and have a snack. 
I got a scone and a Diet Coke. 

This was a very cool place to visit and I would highly recommend it if you are into history at all. 
After leaving the War Rooms we went back to the tube and rode it to our Bayswater Station. 
We stopped for a dinner of pizza along the way and then went back to our room and watched some more Pride and Prejudice
Then we showered and packed up our things as we would be leaving London (and England) very early the next morning. 
Boo hoo. 
I miss England!


The Kings said...

I am glad we got the opportunity to visit the War Rooms. I find WWII history very interesting and it was a great experience to visit this place and see where Churchill conducted the war.

cheryl said...

Yes I agree. It was great to learn more about him and the way they used those rooms.