Tuesday, July 22, 2014

4th of July

We started out the 4th of July in a traditional way. 
Watching Johnny Tremain. 
Then in the afternoon, the girls and I drove down to my parents house to have a BBQ. 
The girls swam in their pool for a while. 

Maddy was not happy when Abi turned on the sprinkler.

Then I gave the girls a bath and got them ready for fireworks.

My parents followed us in their car and we stopped to pick up dinner on our way to Thanksgiving Point for fireworks.

Doing pop-its.

We played some games.

Hula hooped with glow bracelets.
Had some snow cones.
Played on phones..

And then the fireworks finally started!
Maddy jumped up and started dancing. Unfortunately the pictures are blurry but I still wanted to use them because it was so funny.

It took us a while to get home and the girls crashed before we got there. 
Another fun 4th!

July 3rd festivities

I wanted to take the girls to the balloon festival in Provo last year but we didn't get around to it. 
So this year we made a point to do it. 
We met my parents at McDonalds next to the field for breakfast. 
Maddy was decked out in her Ninja turtles stuff. 

When we got to the field a balloon was already flying away. 

The rest were still being blown up. 

My mom and Maddy
Some more balloons took off...

At this point most of them got deflated because the sponsors called off the event due to low clouds. 
That was a little disappointing but at least we got to see a few fly off.
This balloon was really pretty.
Maddy being a goofball with my mom...
After the balloons, we headed over to Scera Park for the Colonial festival. 
We were about a half hour early so we let the girls play on the toys. 
It was really humid this morning. I felt like I was back in Wisconsin. 

Grandma and the girls swinging...
The Colonial festival looked like it would have been really cool... but it wasn't ready. Nothing was ready. We walked around the village too since one of the ladies thought that might be ready.. but it wasn't either. 
We stayed for a little over an hour before we gave up. The girls were hot and getting cranky and it didn't look like it was going to be ready anytime soon. 

We did get some pictures in the stocks.

My parents had to leave and the girls and I went to the nearby mall to have a little fun and cool off.