Monday, March 2, 2020

What we are up to this week:

This week in our little homeschool we are studying Vikings, Bees, The Northwest Territories, Nunavut, 2 Nephi 31-33, along with our ongoing studies of Robert Frost, Giotto, our Church history, and their individual language arts, math, and interest studies.

 I am playing around with the idea of posting pictures each week of the things we have done along with the books we read. Stay tuned for that....

 This feels weird since I have been away from the blog for so long, but I am hoping it will become second nature again soon!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Worst Blogger Ever

I have been really missing my time in the blogging world lately... with this blog and with Scones and Crackers as well. I really want to get back onto a schedule and make time for it but it has been so hard!

Homeschooling takes so much time... and I find it hard to get a chance to sit down and blog and read the many blogs I love. I am hoping to figure this out soon!

Also, my kids now have their own google accounts for their schoolwork and somehow my account has been messed up and attached to both of them so that Maddy's name shows half the time I do anything and it has my email as the one attached to Abi's account. Urgh. Hopefully my tech savvy husband can figure this out for me and then hopefully I will be back to posting regularly about our life, schooling, books, and travel.

I just got back from a trip to Mexico with Doug.. and I also haven't blogged our November Disney trip yet! For now, if you want to keep up with our life and what I am doing and reading I am very active on Instagram. It is the only social media that makes me happy. A lot of people talk about how it is the worst one but for me it is the best. I only follow those people that I know or that inspire me in some way and if I ever start feeling anxiety about anyone I follow, I stop following them. In contrast, when I get on Facebook I always leave feeling anxious because of all the arguing and negative posts. So, you can find me on Instagram where I post a ton about our school, books, and our life.

Hopefully I will be able to get my act together and get this blog back in order soon!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lots of posts!

Okay! If you want to read all of the posts... I played major catch up today. 
There are 15 new posts!
They cover our April and May activities, Easter, and two trips: Vernal for a weekend and our week long road trip to the pacific northwest. 

Vernal part two

After the race we said goodbye to Brent and Karen and drove to the Dinosaur Museum. 
We get in free because of my Dad but it was a lot more crowded than the last time we were here because everyone got in free this day between certain times. 

Maddy loves the digging...

They gave us this book for free...

Abi loves rocks...

Then we drove out to the Quarry. 
While we were waiting for the shuttle we saw this cute little guy....

Touching real bones in the wall...

After this we drove home. 
It is only a few hours drive. 
We had a really fun weekend going here with my parents!

Weekend Trip: Vernal, part one

My mom, my brother Brent, and my sister in law Karen were running the Vernal races a few weeks ago. Doug didn't end up being able to go but the girls and I did. 
We drove out with my parents. 
We had a really nice room. 

We went out to dinner and then we all hung out in my parent's room for a little while. 

The next morning my dad took the runners over early and then he met up with me and the girls for breakfast at the hotel. We then went over to the finish line to wait for a few hours for them to show up. 
Maddy danced around the field. 

As soon as these people in dinosaur outfits showed up.. Maddy came running over and sat down by Abi. 

Abi was watching My Little Pony on the Ipad. Maddy was writing in her diary.

Karen was running the 5K so she was the first to show up. 

She came over to wait with us.. but then they decided to set up a speaker right behind us so we moved to the other side of the finish line. 

Next up : my brother Brent finishing the half marathon....

He decided he wanted to do the 5K too as they were letting a few people do that. So he stayed for a few minutes and then set off running again. 

Here comes Brent again after finishing the 5K!

Maddy spots Grandma coming after running the half marathon...

The runners....

It was fun to be there to cheer all three of them on!