Thursday, September 15, 2016

Europe Adventure: Day Fourteen, part Three- Westminster Abbey, The Parliament Buildings, and Big Ben

After leaving the palace we walked to Westminster Abbey. 
We took a few pictures as we approached. 

Before going in we stopped at a little stand to get a snack. We got blueberry muffins, a banana, and water. We sat on a little bench by a tree until we were done with them. 
Then it was time to go in. 
We had our tickets already so we bypassed the line. 

I couldn't take pictures in the main part of the abbey but it was so beautiful. 
It was insanely crowded and we were told to be careful with our belongings because of how close you are to people the whole time. So that was in the back of our minds but it was really an amazing place to see. 
We were able to walk through the Nave and see the Coronation chair, through the Quire and past the Shrine of St. Edward the Confessor. We saw Henry the 7th's Lady Chapel and Poet's Corner. It was really cool to see the places that were familiar from watching the Royal weddings. 
It was absolutely stunning. 
We also got to explore the cloisters and around the rest of the abbey where we could take a few pictures. 
Britain's oldest door apparently...

Different views of the Abbey...

We also stopped at the little shop before leaving. 
After that we walked down past the Parliament Buildings and Elizabeth Tower- home of Big Ben. 

We never rode a red double decker bus but we did see them. 

There was a guy across the street on the bridge playing the bagpipes. 

It was so cool to be there!

After that it was time to make our way to the Churchill War rooms. 
Along the way we saw a statue of the man himself. 

We were still so cold so we popped into Caffe Nero, a place I had heard had great hot chocolate, and we picked some up. 

 And it was delicious. And perfect for drinking as we walked along the London streets. 

We stopped into St. James Park while we finished our drinks.

These are the things I bought in the Westminster Abbey shop- 
a tea tin that had shortbread cookies in it and celebrated the Queen's birthday, some clotted cream fudge, a magnet with the King family crest on it, a postcard with pictures of the inside of the Abbey (since I couldn't take pictures), a small mug with London icons on it, and a matching towel. 

Next up: Churchill's War Rooms


The Kings said...

Oh my...we were there!! All those places...and so much fun to go to the Abbey and Big Ben....of what fun! Amazing pictures!!!

cheryl said...

Yes, we were! :)