Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Life in July

We love spending time at the library. We have two libraries that we can go to. 
Maddy doing some crafts at the Provo library...

Puppet shows at the Orem library...

It made me happy when I came downstairs to find the girls like this...

We gave them some bubble guns in their welcome to summer baskets. So in July we took the time to play with them in the backyard.

We went to Finding Dory with my parents. We loved it.

I bought some of those water balloons where it fills all of them up at the same time and they self tie. Those things are awesome. We played outside with those for a very long time.

We found that the ones we bought didn't often break against us. So we figured out that they popped better if you squeezed them.

Pokemon Go became a thing and of course we had to download it onto my phone. 
We live pretty close to a river with a walkway next to it so we went on a long Sunday walk to look at the beauty and hunt some Pokemon.

And there has been a lot of Pokemon go playing since then. And I am always finding pictures on my phone like this...

Orem library even did a Pokemon scavenger hunt so one day when we were visiting the library we took advantage of that!

They have an amazing Harry Potter themed doll house at the library.

This kid...

We did a lot of reading, of course. 
Sometimes if I couldn't find Maddy I just had to go look in my room and I would find her reading in my bed.

My mom taught Abi how to cross stitch and she spent a couple of weeks working on her very first cross stitch.

I think it turned out so cute. 


The Kings said...

What fun summer activities! I had fun teaching Abi to cross-stitch and she did such a good job! I loved the Harry Potter doll house at Orem library. That looked really fun!

cheryl said...

Fun stuff!