Saturday, November 8, 2014

More Disney fun

I finished the girls' autograph books for our trip! Check them out here.

Check out our Frozen movie night here.


 Halloween we got up really early and both girls dressed as black cats. 
Abi would be wearing her new Sofia dress and being Sofia the First for trick or treating but she didn't want to wear it to school wear it would get dirty and be hard to play on the toys at recess. 
So, two black cats it is!
We left the house super early to head to IHOP for the free scary face pancakes.

 They loved them! It was a really fun morning to be able to take it easy and just sit and talk and laugh with them over breakfast.
 After breakfast we went straight to Abi's school. We got there about ten minutes before it started. They would be doing their Halloween parade soon after we arrived so Maddy and I dropped Abi off and then we parked and went into the library to wait.
I love that her new school has rules about the halloween costumes so we didn't have a repeat of last years Saratoga Springs incident where Maddy was terrified by the MANY extremely scary and GORY costumes in the elementary school. This year was a fun experience so that was awesome. 
Here comes Abi!

 After the parade we went out to Doug's sister Wendy's house to drop off some things to her and got to see our adorable little niece/cousin Claire. Our girls adore her and it was so fun to see her in her cute little Halloween outfit.

 Then we went down to Doug's work to trick or treat with all of the people there and have lunch. That was really fun!

 Then we visited my sister and she gave the girls fun little Halloween treats.
And then it was time to pick Abi up from school already. 
My parents came over and we had Chili and breadsticks and donuts.
Then it was time to go out.
Ready to go trick or treating

Doug and my dad stayed home and my mom and I just took the girls around. It was a pretty funny experience with a little girl terrified of dogs because there was only one or two houses that didn't have one running out when the door opens. 
There was a lot of screaming.

The girls got a TON of candy.
It was a great Halloween!!!