Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ducks and mountains

When I told my parents that we were planning on going on a ride on the Nebo loop (a road close to their house) we came up with an idea of them going with us. And of course we had to make it even more fun by spending the night at their house, going to church with them, and going on the ride with them the next afternoon. I decided to take the girls to a pond near my parents house to feed ducks. 
Maddy was super excited to feed the cute little ducks. 

Then we saw the goose brigade running toward us and she freaked out and jumped back in the van. 

Pretty soon it felt like every duck and goose in the world was crowded around us. We had to sit there for a few minutes and wait for them to waddle away so we wouldn't run over them. 

The next day we headed out on the ride into the mountains to look for fall colors!
The last time we did this ride was also with my parents when Abi was 3 and I was pregnant with Maddy. 
We decided to stop for a picnic in the same place we did back then. 

Abi re-creating a photo from when she was three...

And Grandma photo bombing her. 

Such a fun weekend!


The Kings said...

It was a fun weekend! Thanks for letting us share it with you and the girls!

cheryl said...

Thanks for doing this with us!