Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Top 5 Wednesday: 5 Things on my Bookshelves

I missed this top 5 Wednesday topic and decided I would do it today. 
I love finding little things that "speak to me" to put on my shelves along with my books. 
Here are some of my favorite things I have placed on my bookshelves. 

#1: My Owl in Glasses Print

I got this print at FanX at the beginning of this year. The signature looks like it says J. Gates but I can't find his card so I can't remember exactly what the artist's name was. When I saw this print for only a couple of dollars, I had to have it. I got an inexpensive frame for it and it has become one of my favorite things. 

#2: My Beauty and the Beast Pops

I love Funko Pops. I don't know what it is about them, but I just love them. 
I had to get the Beauty and the Beast ones. I didn't buy Lumiere since I have a really cool Lumiere from Disney World (not a Pop) and I don't have Cogsworth yet. 

#3: My TARDIS and the 10th Doctor

Doug brought home this TARDIS Pop for me as a surprise a couple of months ago. I had just bought the Doctor so it was perfect timing. I love seeing them up on top of the bookshelf. 

#4: Harry Potter Pops

My favorite Pops. I had to buy them as soon as they came out. 
I have Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore. 
I plan on still getting Hagrid and Snape. 

#5: Anne of Green Gables shelf top

I got this Anne doll at a store in the Avonlea village in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island when my mom and I visited for the first time in 2000. I also got the pencil holder and the frame on that same trip. The picture in the frame is my mom and I dressed up like Anne at the visitor's center by the Confederation Bridge. I put my owl there just during the holiday season because I needed its spot on another shelf... but the fox is always by the Anne things because of my beloved P.E.I foxes. 
The book is the new one I bought a few weeks ago. All of these things make me so happy.

5 items seemed like a lot but I just couldn't leave it at that! 
So here are my honorable mentions: 

My Peter Rabbit and hedgehog plushies next to my Beatrix Potter library, my "Go Away I'm Reading" sign my sister gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago, my little stone hedgehog, my big brown owl, and my white owl candle. 

I just love looking at my bookshelves and seeing all of the books and all of these things.
My favorite kind of decorating is the kind that doesn't just look like it came out of a magazine, but that shows you who the people in the house are. And my decorations definitely fall more into the category of showing people the things I am interested in and love.

*Do you have any things on your bookshelves besides books?


The Kings said...

I loved this post! What fun and it made me smile seeing your favorite shelf things! And brought back memories of P.E.I. I have things on my shelves that have special memories especially in the living room. But I do love my owl and pygmy puff you made me and my Harry Potter wand from Harry Potter World!

cheryl said...

Thanks! Yes, I love it when those PEI memories flood back. Both times have been so much fun!
I would love to see a post on your blog about your favorite shelf things!

Donna said...

I love this! I totally agree with you about decorating--let it show the things you love and don't worry about how stylish it looks or not. I like looking at my bookshelves for the same reason. I'm excited about the things on your shelves! The Anne of Green Gables display just blows me away. I have the exact same Anne frame that I also got in PEI--probably at the same place that you did! And that owl-in-glasses print, I just love that. I have the same brown owl as you, and I really like the Beauty and the Beast Pops. So cute! Your shelves are awesome.

cheryl said...

Thanks! I love that you have the Anne frame too. I was just showing my mom how you have the picture of you dressed up like Anne on your blog just like we did while we were there. Such a wonderful place.

The Kings said...

Ok! Here is my list of special bookshelf things(I tried to send it via my phone the other day and it didn't work...but I didn't forget!): A wood eagle that Brent got for us when he was in the Navy and in the Philippines, a marble clock from mainland China that some friends bought for us in China when we all lived in Taiwan, a US flag flown specially over the Bremerton Naval Hospital for dad before he left the hospital in preparation for retirement, a wood Govenor's Mansion from Williamsburg, VA., and a framed photo of Alex when he was a little tyke and his picture was taken doing the pledge of allegiance (sad schools don't do that anymore)and it is by a wood block you gave us "Home of the free...Because of the brave".

cheryl said...

I love all of those things. They are definitely things that make your house feel like you.