Monday, October 19, 2015

The Twilight Tag

I saw the Twilight tag on Tashapolis' channel on YouTube here.  
With the 10th anniversary of Twilight happening this month (and the release of the new 10th anniversary edition with the new gender swapped Twilight, life and death) I decided now would be a fun time to do the tag. 

#1: What movie and book is your favorite? 

Breaking Dawn is my favorite book in the series. I didn't love everything about it but I did like the arrival of the vampires from all over the world (especially Garrett) and the happy ending. 
Breaking Dawn part 2 is my favorite movie for the same reasons (especially Garrett). 

#2: What has your experience been like with Twilight? 

When I read Twilight for the first time it had been out for quite a while and they were just starting to make the first movie. I was obsessed. 
I have always been interested in vampires, as most people who know me already know. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of my very favorite TV series' ever and Dracula is one of my favorite classic books. One morning I was browsing the Deseret Book website and saw Twilight. I had no idea what it was and read the blurb. I was fascinated that there was a vampire book being sold in Deseret Book so I immediately checked to see if my local library had a copy. They did. I got it and read it in one day. 
I immediately bought the boxed set of the first three books. I read them all so fast. And I read them over and over again while waiting for the last book in the series. 
I joined a website called Twilight Moms where everyone discussed everything to do with Twilight.
I went to all the movies in the theater and the midnight release of Breaking Dawn, the final book. 
It was all a lot of fun. 

#3: Who is your favorite character? 

Jacob Black

I know that isn't probably the most common answer. But it's mine. 
I love Jacob. 

I do have two other characters that might not be on every one's favorites list but they are my close 2nd and 3rd so I will add them too...

Charlie Swan

And Garrett

#4) Team Edward or Team Jacob?

#5) Who is your favorite Cullen? 
#6) What is your favorite song from the soundtrack. 
This one is easy. I loved this song before the movie (I love Muse in general and once made eye contact with the lead singer back when they played small venues to only a hundred or so of us). When it showed up in the baseball scene it made that scene instantly my favorite part of the first film. 
Muse- Supermassive Black Hole
As far as a song that I hadn't heard before the movies and now love...
 Paramore- Decode
#7) How often do you watch a Twilight movie? 

About once a year. 
#8) Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
If we are only applying the mythology from these books my answer would have to be werewolf. I would not want to drink blood and I like the human existence the werewolves are able to have.
#9) What vampire power would you want to have? 
That's tricky. If I am choosing from the ones we know about in the books and movies... 
At first I would think that I would want to be able to read minds but actually I wouldn't. That would get loud. I would probably want what Bella has that makes her immune from the other vampire powers. 
#10) What is the most embarrassing thing you did because of Twilight? 
Either being one of the only grown-ups at the Breaking Dawn midnight book release (I know that wasn't the case everywhere but the one I went to left me feeling a little silly) or just the amount of Twilight things I accumulated over the years...
Although, to be honest, I'm really not embarrassed about either. 
#11)What is a part that made you cry in the books and/or movies?
I tried to think of something. I thought that there had to be something. 
But no. I don't think I ever cried in the books or the movies. I think the closest I came was in the last movie when they manipulated the ending and I thought what I was seeing was really happening. But even then it was more sad shock, not tears. 
#12) Name all of the movies from favorite to least favorite: 
Breaking Dawn part 2, Breaking Dawn part 1, Eclipse, New Moon, Twilight 
I obviously thought they got better as they went along. 
#13) Same question for the books: 
Breaking Dawn, Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon
#14) Why are they your least favorite? 

Twilight was my least favorite movie because of the style. It was trying to be artsy. It is so dark (with a slightly green tinge). They were just figuring out how to translate the books to film. I don't think it was bad. I don't hate it. It's just not as good, in my opinion, as the rest of the films.

I hear a lot of people say that New Moon is their least favorite book. But the reason I hear most is that it is because Edward is gone the whole time. That's not it for me. I actually liked getting more Jacob. I like it the least because of Bella. I hate how she responds to Edward's departure. 
Again, I don't hate the book. I just don't like it as much. 

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my Twilight opinions. 
*Are you a Twilight fan? 
*Which are your favorite and least favorite books and films in this franchise? 
*Who is your favorite character? 
*Team Edward or Jacob?
And if you want to do this tag on your blog, I would love to see your answers!


The Kings said...

I don't know if I can say which book / movie is my favorite. They all go together to tell the story. I love Jacob and Doctor Cullen. My favorite music was "Super Massive Black Hole"...and it is on my running playlist!

cheryl said...

Yeah. I like all of them and all of them contribute to the story as a whole.
I am sure that is a really good running song!

Donna said...

This was fun to read! I've been thinking about Twilight lately because of the 10th anniversary. I want to read "Life and Death" but I heard it was comically terrible, so I'm not sure that I will. Are you going to? I resisted reading Twilight for awhile because of all the hype, but then when I did read it in 2008, I LOVED it and stayed up late reading the books and went to all the movies when they first came out. I miss those fun years! I need to read the books and watch the movies again.

cheryl said...

I have heard that too. Mainly I have heard people say that if you go into expecting a really good novel, you won't get it. But that if you go into it just to enjoy a little 10th anniversary bonus that it is better. But that it is also hard to not just keep going back to thinking of them as Bella and Edward. I really wish she had just finished Midnight Sun because the few chapters of that that she released were pretty cool and made me like Edward more. But I have a feeling she will never go back to that.
I do plan on reading it but I'm not buying it. I put it on hold at the library so it may be a while.