Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015: Day One

My mom and I weren't sure we would go to Comic Con this year because of our upcoming trip but then my sister in law, Callie, asked if we wanted the free passes she got for volunteering at FanX. 
We jumped at the chance. 
Then a few weeks beforehand they announced that James and Oliver Phelps were going to be there. 
James and Oliver play Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter films. 
Abi got really excited. Fred and George are two of her favorite characters and she really wanted to meet the actors. She asked if she could go too. 
We had three passes so I said sure. 
Maddy wanted to go too so I bought a $5 pass for her. 
I let them skip school for one day to go. Abi had an all day field trip so I knew she wouldn't be missing a bunch of work and that made me feel better about the decision. 
Thursday morning we got ready and when my mom got to our house at noon we jumped in the van and drove to Salt Lake City. 

We parked about a ten minute walk away and made our way to the convention center. 
They had the big Hobbit trolls outside. 

Abi wanted to dress up as Hermione. I already had the scarf but we bought the socks at Hot Topic a few days before. She liked wearing it around her waist. 
Maddy said she was dressed up as a Pokemon character. 

I thought she looked adorable. 

We had to do pre registration to get our wristbands and then we got in line until they opened up the floor to those of us that didn't have VIP or Gold passes. 
The girls hung out on the floor and ate some treats. 

And made funny faces. 

They were having a great time watching all of the people in costumes. 

As soon as we were let in we went straight back to Celebrity Row to find out when we could buy an autograph from the twins. 
We lucked out like crazy because they were already out right then and we were able to get straight into line. If you remember our experience at FanX, we were in line for most people for hours, we waited for the Phelps brothers for about 20-30 minutes because of getting there so fast. It was awesome. Whenever I saw them out the rest of our time there, the lines were always much longer. 

There they are!

We made some Pygmy Puffs using this tutorial on YouTube and the girls wanted to bring two to give to them. 

While we were standing there we looked over and caught a glimpse of Sean Astin sitting at his booth!

A close up of one of the Pygmy Puffs. They are super soft. 

This girl walked by dressed like Princess Luna from My Little Pony and the girls really wanted their picture taken with her. 

I snuck a picture of James and Oliver right before we got to them. 
We bought a picture for them to autograph and had them dedicate it to Abigail. 
I knew that would be really special to her and I figured I could copy it with something over her name for Maddy. 
These guys were so nice. 
So nice. 
We all walked away giddy after meeting them because it didn't feel rushed like these things usually do. They were so personable and friendly and took a lot of time with us asking if we had any questions for them and talking to the girls. 
Oliver (George- the one on the left) took the Pygmy Puff from Abi and said he was going to name it Abigail. She was so happy. 
This was a great meet experience. 

After meeting Oliver and James we had a few hours before their panel. 
We walked around the vendor area. 
Abi asked to get a picture with these guys. 

And then this girl dressed like Fluttershy. 

Maddy saw this Elsa and ran after her to get a picture with her. 

We saw the bad guy from The Hobbit. 

This guy was dressed like Loki and looked so much like him. It was cool. 

I bought Abi a My Little Pony collectors comic book that was exclusive to Conventions this year. 
She was so excited. 
(Look at my mom's head behind her. It looks like an extension of Abi's hair. They have the same color hair!)

We sat outside the Ballroom having a snack while waiting for the Phelps brothers panel but then realized people were going in already and just sitting through the panels before them so they could have better seats. (They don't make you exit the ballroom in between.)
We saw the end of a panel for Walter Koenig. He was on Star Trek. I honestly didn't know who he was. I haven't watched much of the old Star Trek, but he was really entertaining. 
The girls were a little bored but Maddy played on my phone and Abi colored and looked at her Comic Book. 
The next panel was Studio C. We have watched a few of their skits and they are pretty funny but we aren't super fans so the girls weren't that excited about it, but again they entertained themselves well. This time Abi played on the phone and Maddy colored. 
Then it was time for the Phelps panel!
They were awesome. 
It was so much fun to watch them and hear their stories and answers to questions after meeting them. 

After their panel we left, walked back to the car, and went to dinner at Chick fi la.
It was such a fun day!


The Kings said...

It was such a fun experience to go with the girls! Really enjoyed it!

cheryl said...

I'm glad you were with us!

Donna said...

How fun! I can't believe you got to meet George and Fred!

cheryl said...

It was so awesome!

Seth and Julie said...

Oh, Fred and George! Another thing Alyssa would totally geek out over.

cheryl said...

Yeah. That was awesome!