Thursday, October 15, 2015

Doug's birthday

We ended September with the celebration of Doug's birthday. 
He wanted to go out to dinner at Training Table. 

After dinner we drove up to the mouth of the closest canyon to us. 
He was thinking of driving up the canyon a little way but the girls wanted to walk around so I suggested we stop at the Quarry and show the girls the rock by the river that my friend Jenny and I used to sit on for picnics when we were teenagers. 
The mountains looked beautiful.

The girls loved walking down the trail. 

And they really enjoyed reading all of the signs along the way.

The river wasn't there!

The rock! It is huge and I have to admit I got a little nervous letting the girls climb up it (it's very steep on the other side with a long fall) but they loved it. 

Doug really doesn't like cake much. But he does like Twinkies and Little Debbie things so I grabbed some of those and made a "cake" out of them. 

I got his favorite drinks. 

The girls made him cards and gave him little gifts. 

And he got his favorite ice cream that we never buy. 

His main gift was his upcoming trip to Blizzcon with his friends. 
He was a happy birthday boy. 


Donna said...

How fun. I'm jealous of your mountain paths! How beautiful that is.

cheryl said...

The mountains are really so beautiful and I do love living close to them! If only I had the ocean as well. :)

The Kings said...

Glad he had such a fun birthday! And that you all had fun too!

cheryl said...