Tuesday, October 27, 2015

General Conference

General conference this year went really well.The funny thing about that is that it was the least amount of prep I have done. 
I have a big board we use but I didn't feel like pulling it out of storage because it was behind a bunch of stuff. I usually do a lot of activities but I didn't have time. 
So, I printed off a blank bingo sheet and some general conference topics that they could glue onto their sheet so it would be different. They each had a sheet to do this with for each session. 
Each time they got a bingo they could pick out a candy. When they got blackout they could pick a small toy (picked up a few of them beforehand for only a few dollars). This is all they did. The whole time. Just bingo. And it was the best they have ever listened and the most quiet they have been as well. 
They made a little tent and they were completely content. 


Donna said...

That's awesome. I wish my boys had behaved that well!

cheryl said...

I wish our girls had the other times when I spent so much time preparing! :) Simple from here on out.

The Kings said...

You always make it fun for them. They might not get too much out of the talks but at least you have them "listening" and are teaching them to be there and to try to listen.

cheryl said...