Friday, October 16, 2015

October moments so far

A few weeks ago we got some news about Maddy at school. It is kind of exciting and so the girls and I decided to celebrate with a trip to the park. 
(I will let you in on the news sometime next week hopefully!)
It was a really nice day. Chilly but sunny. 

The next day the girls did not have school. 
We went grocery shopping and I let them have lunch at the Target cafe. This is not something we do often so they were really excited. 

When we got home my passport was in the mailbox!
I was so excited. The only countries I have been to besides the United States are Canada and Mexico and the last time I was at either of them we didn't need passports. So this is the very first passport I have ever owned. I love it. 

We started the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull when we finished Harry Potter. 
So far we have finished the first book and we are on the second one. 
I love the nights spent reading while they color. 

Maddy practiced the splits for dance class too. 

Some crazy amazing sunset pictures...


Donna said...

Wow! Those sunset pictures are beautiful. That picture of Maddy on the slide is so cute. You should get that printed and framed. And hooray for passports and the exciting travels that they bring about! I'm excited for your trip!

Holly said...

Love the park pictures. Looks like you girls had fun!

cheryl said...

Thanks! Some of the sunsets are insane. That was the day after the supermoon so I have a feeling that is why it was so vibrant.
That passport has to be looked at every day. It makes me so excited.

Holly- thanks! It was a lot of fun.

The Kings said...

Love the pictures of the girls!! And the sunset was beautiful!

cheryl said...