Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Picnic

After taking the girls to "my spot" from my teen aged years on Doug's birthday, they kept asking to go back to have a picnic. 
We picked up some Happy Meals for them and went to the canyon. 
 Maddy was walking down the trail like this almost the whole time...


It was a chilly, stormy day but felt so good to get out there again. 

I was so excited when we got over by the river because there was a little bit of water there!
It may not have been the powerful river it used to be but it was not the empty rock bed it was the week before. 
The girls were pretty excited too!

When we got to the rock there was already a family sitting on it having a picnic. 
What!?! Other people do that too? 
The girls were majorly sad about that but we found a bench down the trail a bit and had our picnic there instead. 

Pretty soon the rain started and we put up with it as long as we could but after a few minutes had to pack up and head back to the car. 

We had a great time.


The Kings said...

That looks like so much fun! And such a pretty area!Rain and all...looks like a pretty awesome adventure.

cheryl said...

Thanks! It was a great day.