Thursday, October 8, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con: Day Two

Day Two of Comic Con my mom and I went just the two of us. 
We arrived in time to get in line for the panel for Jenna Louise Coleman.
She plays Clara, the current companion on Doctor Who. 

She was so cute and really fun to listen to. 
The panel was great. 

After her panel we had an hour between panels so we went to check out the autograph area to see if anyone was out we wanted to catch a glimpse of. Then we grabbed some pizza for lunch and made our way back to the ballroom. 
On our way I saw Matthew Kirby sitting at a booth signing books. After the people he was talking to, there was no line so I got behind them.I hadn't planned on buying his new book, The Arctic Code, yet since I haven't read the first in the series (that I do own) yet. His book Icefall is one of my favorites though so I figured it's probably going to be good and either way I wanted his autograph!
He was really nice and took a few minutes to talk to us and signed my book.
I then went and bought it and got a free Fablehaven poster with my purchase since Brandon Mull was there as well promoting his new book.

We went back into the ballroom to eat our food so we could get good seats while waiting for the next panel.

We were really excited for this one! It was Sean Astin. And it was packed by the time it started!
They started showing scenes on the big screen of his movies and everyone was going wild. 

Then, instead of coming out from backstage, he rode in on a golf cart through the crowd. 
It was very cool. 

He was so cool. 

He talked a lot about his most popular movies and answered people's questions. 
He also told us about his two charities, a running one for children and a reading one for children. 
After the hour was up my mom and I both agreed that we could have stayed there listening to him for hours. It flew by so fast. 
I have since read SO many comments and blog posts from people that attended Comic Con saying that his panel was their favorite so we definitely weren't the only ones that felt this way. 
If he comes again next year I hope we can go again because I would like to meet him next time I think. 

After Sean Astin's panel we stayed put for the next one. 
It was Sebastian Stan (Bucky on Captain America and the Mad Hatter on Once Upon A Time). 

He was really fun too. 
I had no idea that he grew up in Romania. Someone asked him what his favorite comic books were growing up and he said that he didn't have those because he lived in a communist country and they just had really bad cheese. I thought he joking until he brought up Romania. 
One of the people asking questions spoke to him in Romanian and it was really cool to hear them talking back and forth even though we had no idea what they were saying. 

After his panel we ran to another part of the building that we had never been to before for a panel with Dean O' Gorman (Fili in The Hobbit movies). 
That was really cool. His really strong New Zealand accent was a little hard to understand sometimes but he was really cool and told a lot of funny stories from filming the movies. 

After his panel we were done with the panels we were going to do today. 
We decided to go down and check out the autograph area again. 
I stopped to take this photo from the upstairs before we went back down to show a small percentage of the crowds. There were SO many people there. 

One of the people I was hoping to catch a glimpse of was John Barrowman (Captain Jack on Doctor Who). As we were walking through the vendor area I looked up and he was right next to me!!
He was walking around looking at the art. 
I was too freaked out to stop him to talk, but I did sneak a photo and smile and say hi. 

The main person we were really hoping to catch a glimpse of was Chris Evans. Captain America. 
His photo ops and autographs were super expensive since he is such a large star and this was his first time ever doing autographs at a convention and so we debated getting one. But then he sold out so fast anyway that we wouldn't have been able to buy one even if we had decided to. 
We couldn't go to his panel because it was in so much demand that it was by lottery. 
So, our only chance to "see him" was to catch him out signing autographs. 
We lucked out. He was there!
We snuck a photo. It was so cool to see him not too far away. 

At this point we felt satisfied and decided to head home. 
I stopped to get some statue pictures. 

And this one of my mom with Hans. 
I don't know how we went two days without a picture of the two of us but we did. I didn't realize it until putting together these posts!

We had so much fun! 
I don't think we will be able to go to the next Fan X because it will be only a couple of weeks before our trip but hopefully future Fan X and Comic Con's can be something we do regularly. We have so much fun at these conventions!


Donna said...

That looks like it was so much fun!

cheryl said...

It is a lot of fun. I love that my mom will do stuff like this with me!

The Kings said...

You got awesome pictures and I loved seeing them again! And yes, I will go with you again. I think it is so much fun to go with YOU and I really enjoy the chance to see some special people1

cheryl said...

Yay! It is so much fun to go with you.

Seth and Julie said...

Alyssa desperately wants to go to Comic Con in full dress. She also wants to just start wearing cloaks (like Little Red Riding Hood style) in her every day life. Is that a thing? Sean Astin sat behind us at a Dodgers game once with his kid, and we thought he was such a cool down to earth human being.

cheryl said...

It actually is a thing. I have seen a few girls in those type of cloaks lately.
That's cool to hear about your experience with Sean Astin. He really does seem like a guy that is just a regular husband/dad that just happens to act too. I like that.