Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Meeting Leigh Bardugo

A couple of weeks ago I checked my email from my favorite local independent bookstore, The King's English, and was so excited when I saw that they were doing a signing with Leigh Bardugo. It was only a day before the signing but I knew I had to go. 
Her Shadow and Bone series is one of my favorites and I can't wait to read her new book, Six of Crows. 
I got there a bit early and they had us go a few doors down to the art gallery. 
We got our seats and then pretty soon she came in. 
Leigh was amazing. 
She was hilarious, friendly, down to earth, and so much fun to listen to. 
She read to us from a short story she wrote as a teenager and then read to us from the new book as well. She did a whole Q&A as well. It was so, so much fun. 
I loved every minute of it. 

They did a Bingo game during the presentation so that whenever she said a word that we added to our game board you could mark it off. And we were given the go ahead to yell bingo even in the middle of her talking. It was pretty funny. They had ARC's they were giving away and one Six of Crows package which had some fun goodies in a King's English book bag. 
I ended up getting bingo at the same time as four other people and they only had 4 more ARC's. I think they were waiting to give away the bag later. The lady behind me offered to let me have the ARC but I told her she had yelled Bingo first so she should get it. 
She insisted I should since she worked in a library and gets them often. 
But then the store employee brought out the bag and gave it to her. 
She then tapped me on the shoulder and said that we should trade because she already had some of the things in the bag from a convention she had gone to. 
I was SO excited!
After the presentation we went over to the store and stood in line for a very long time to meet Leigh and have her sign our books. 
I took this picture while standing in line with the books I bought and the book I brought along to be signed in my new bag!

Leigh signing a book for my mom. My mom couldn't come so I picked the book up for her and had her sign it. 

I didn't have my copy of Six of Crows yet because I had pre-ordered it from Amazon and it hadn't arrived yet. So I had her sign my copy of Shadow and Bone. 

Leigh Bardugo and me...

Such a fun night!


The Kings said...

So glad you got to have that awesome experience...and thanks for getting my book and having her sign it!!

cheryl said...

You are welcome! I wish you could have come.

Seth and Julie said...

I am surprised you go to these all the time, because you always seem shy to me, but maybe I am wrong. I think I would be so nervous to approach and talk to anyone at a signing or Comic Con. Also, this woman looks like she could be your sister in that last picture. Weird!

Donna said...

It's so cool to meet authors. My friend Jamie did a book signing at The King's English last month and she was the author!

cheryl said...

Julie- It's weird because I pretty much go out of my way to not have to talk to people in regular situations but go line up to talk to the people I am a fangirl for. :) I do get nervous before meeting people and I hardly ever know what to say and half the time feel like I end up saying something stupid. All wit goes away. But it is still so much fun.
I did not notice it until you said it, but we do have a similar look. Weird.

cheryl said...

Ah dang. Donna, I wish I would have gone. King's English is such a fun store. They do so many events.