Monday, October 5, 2015

September Book Haul

September's book haul is very small.

I pre-ordered The Caretaker's Guide to Fablehaven by Brandon Mull.
It is fantastic. It is full of drawings of all of the places, magical items, and creatures you encounter in the Fablehaven series. I will do a review of it after I read through it.

I really didn't have a plan to buy The Arctic Code by Matthew Kirby yet because I still haven't read the first in the series that is sitting on my shelf, but when my mom and I were at Salt Lake City Comic Con we were walking along and looked over and saw Matthew Kirby signing books with no line. I didn't have any of my books with me for him to sign so I decided to buy the new one. Chances are I will like it. It was really fun to meet him and I am excited to read the series... eventually. I will get back to you when I do!


The Kings said...

Hope you enjoy both books. I wish now I would have bought one of Kirby's books while at Comic Con...but let me know how you like "The Artic Code" and I might buy one.

cheryl said...

I will let you know!