Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tree Decorating

The weekend after Thanksgiving we got out our Christmas decorations. 
It was time to decorate the tree!
 I was so excited to add my new ornaments from my trip!

Doug set the tree up for me, I put the lights on, and then we all put on the ornaments while listening to the Carpenters' Christmas album. 

Maddy put the star on the tree this year. 

The finished tree...

We bought a few ornaments from Hallmark this year. This Ollivander's wand shop is one of them. 

I love sitting around the Christmas tree after it is put up. 
We had some cocoa, candy canes, and watched Miracle on 34th street. 

Then we had our traditional sleepover around the tree. 

This year I bought Maddy a little tree like Abi's so they could each hang their own ornaments on their trees in their rooms.
Abi's tree: 

Maddy's tree: 

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