Tuesday, December 20, 2016

November moments

I have been meaning to make Jesse tree ornaments for years now. This year I finally decided to get to it. Partly because I really wanted to make sure we did it this year but also because I wanted to make a set for a gift for a family member. 
This is how it started... lots of piles of felt. 

Part way through....

The finished ornaments... I am so happy with the way they turned out and we have loved doing this during the holiday season. 

I also worked on another project- making Christmas clothespins to hang Christmas cards and other things. I watched Little Women, one of my very favorite movies, while I painted. 

At the top of the picture are the ones I bought from Target for inspiration. 
The rest are the ones I painted. 

I wrapped up all the Jesse Tree ornaments to unwrap each day as we do the devotionals. 

Maddy received a ribbon in Reflections for her comic strip. 

Abi saved up her money to get a Minty pony from Build a Bear. 

Maddy has constantly been sewing all month. 

The only work they think is fun. 

Abi almost always has a cross stitch in her hand. She is working on a big one for her friend for Christmas. 

Abi was so sad to leave her best friend in Sandy but she has made another one down here that likes My Little Pony as much as she does. Now she feels lucky to have two best friends!

Abi, my mom, and I went to the opening night of Fantastic Beasts!
Doug bought our tickets for us and got us the luxury seats which were amazing. 

One of Maddy's many projects...

Abi's class did a little program. 

I refuse to go Black Friday shopping on any day but Friday. 
Abi really wanted to go. 
We went out super early on Friday.
We got everything we wanted with the exception of a few movies and we didn't have a single line!
Seriously! The stores were less crowded than they usually are on a regular day. I think we found the sweet spot between the people going out when the stores open on Thursday and the people who wait until Friday but want to sleep in. 

While we were shopping we found this art set for Maddy for 1.99. She was so excited and immediately started painting. She has been painting ever since. 

We visited my parents and had dinner with them. 
Maddy did Mr. Napkin head. 

We visited the dentist.
No cavities this time!

After we left the dentist we drove past a field and saw these cuties. 

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