Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Marathon weekend

The first weekend of October, the girls and I rode down to St. George with my parents to cheer on my mom, brother Brent, and nephew Matthew as they ran the St. George Marathon. 
I got the girls a few little prizes to be opened on the long drive. 

When we got there we checked into our room at the hotel. 
There is something so exciting to kids about staying in a hotel!

Maddy was really into space that week and she used her new doodle board to make predictions and calculations about space.

The next morning we slept in a little bit while the runners were out getting a start on their long race. 
We met up with my dad for breakfast in the hotel. 

The people that worked there were really nice. 
This lady was showing them how the automatic pancake maker worked. 

After breakfast we met up with the rest of my siblings and their families at the race course. 
Two of my nephews and one of my nieces...

Austin kept Maddy entertained by answering her questions about space. 

Matthew came by first!

Then my brother...

Then some of the teenagers (they had gone down further to see if they could see their grandma yet) showed up running alongside my mom.

Now it was time for our tradition of going up to Bryce Canyon to stay at Ruby's Inn.

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The Kings said...

Thank you for posting the photos! What fun...and I am so glad I got to see what you were doing while we were running!