Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Abi's birthday party

Abi had a My Little Pony theme for her birthday again this year. 
We found a pony cake pan so she asked me to make a Pinkie Pie cake.

Abi made all of the posters and planned her stations. 
She had the library set up for opening gifts. 
The kitchen table had the cake and designing ponies. 

Pin the Cutie mark on the pony. 

A game

Watching a movie. 

Picking out a cutie mark. 

Guess the amount of skittles. 

Abi put the main six ponies cutie marks in the bowl because she invited four friends plus herself and Maddy. 

They had a lot of fun designing what kind of pony they would be. 

Playing the game...

Pinning on the cutie mark. Maddy ended up winning with her almost perfect placement. 

I didn't realize we were out of birthday candles until it was time to use them. Oops. 
Doug used a big candle we couldn't put on a cake so the girls thought it was really funny. 

When it was time for gifts Charlotte started something by sitting on Abi. Pretty soon there was quite the pile up. 

Abi always wants to save her wrapping paper so she was unwrapping really slowly and they all started chanting Rip It! Rip It!

With all of her gifts... Kaitlin is back behind the chair holding some up. 

She had such a fun time!

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The Kings said...

What a fun birthday party!! It looks like all the girls had so much fun! And I think that was great that Abi designed many of her party games, etc.