Tuesday, December 6, 2016


We needed to get some pumpkins. 
We decided to go to a small patch I found near our home. 
It was a bit rainy so we had the whole place to ourselves which was awesome. 
The girls ran around the haybale maze first. 

As they neared the end, Abi was in the lead...

Until Maddy tried to cheat by jumping over. 

After that we went to pick our pumpkins out.

Then we went over to do the corn maze. 

When we got home we started carving our pumpkins!
Abi decided to paint hers to look like a pony from My Little Pony. 
Maddy carved hers by herself for the first time. 

Our finished Jack O Lanterns. 
Maddy's, mine, and Abi's. 

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The Kings said...

What a fun activity and the jack-o-lanterns turned out so cute!