Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Halloween Party

We decided to have a Halloween party for the girls friends this year, inviting a few friends each from their old school and new schools. 
The set up...

As we prepared for the party we got the girls into their costumes. 

As the kids arrived they were able to do Halloween word searches and puzzles. 

They made lollipop ghosts. 

Then we did ring toss with glow bracelets and a witch's hat. 

Then we did a really funny activity where I told them what to draw and they had to do it with their eyes closed. Then they got points for what they drew.

Halloween scattergories

Pumpkin balancing race

Throwing candy pumpkins into cauldrons. 


Then if they wanted they could make pumpkin books.

We served them apple cider and Krispy Kreme donuts. 

It was such a fun party!

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The Kings said...

What a great party! I bet the kids all had a lot of fun!!