Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Some December Moments

We made paper snowflakes. 

I set up a Christmas village in my library and I love it. I kind of want to leave it up all year round. 
(But I won't)

We had our Christmas book club at my house. This is my favorite book club get together of the year!
I brought my book tree out of the library and put it in the family room. It is covered with the books we have read through the years. Each ornament looks like a little book and has the title on the front and a quote from the book on the inside. 
We do a book exchange so we put all of the books under the tree.

Maddy had crazy hair day at school.

My niece McKenna came back from her mission! 
We were so excited to see her. 
She came home on Abi's birthday so we checked the girls out of school and went to the airport to meet her.

There she is!

She came to Abi right after hugging her family and gave her a stocking full of ponies, yummy smelling bathroom stuff, and a locket necklace. It was so nice.

I was able to go on a field trip with Abi's class to a local Arts center for a tour and then watching of the Nutcracker. I wasn't expecting much because I had never heard of the place before but it was amazing.

I helped out in Maddy's class for their Christmas party. 
I brought an ornament for them to make but loved watching them decorate the cookies. 
Every kid put enough frosting for a dozen cookies on their cookies. 

I helped out in Abi's class party the next day. 
I saw this in the hallway. I love that her teacher lets her and Kaitlin (her best friend here) work together all of the time. 

I gave the kids green pipe cleaners and told them to make Christmas tree shapes that could stand on their own. 
I didn't know if the kids would like it but they were so quiet and worked on it forever and came up with so many creative ways to do it. Then a lot of them went on to make other things as well. 

They had a gift exchange as well. 
Her friend had her so she was really excited. 

I made lots of cookies. My favorite ones were house shapes that were really pretty but I forgot to take a picture of. I gave them to the girls' teachers only to find out that Maddy's teacher is gluten free. Oops. 

We had McKenna's homecoming and I snuck a picture of Maddy in her cute Christmas dress.

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The Kings said...

Looks like a very fun party! I bet Abi loved having you do the party for her class!