Tuesday, December 6, 2016


We started out the day by going to IHOP for the free scary face pancakes. 
The syrups had to talk. 

Then we went home and got into the school costumes. 

I checked Maddy out early and took her to Doug's work to trick or treat and have lunch with him. 
Abi didn't want to miss her party or parade so she stayed in school. 

Then the two of us scurried to Abi's school to see the parade.

Here she comes...

As she passed us Maddy joined her for the rest of the parade.

We went into Abi's class and got to see a cool virtual reality machine. 
Then we took Abi home with us.

That night we had dinner and then went out into the neighborhood to trick or treat.

It was a great Halloween.


The Kings said...

Cute and awesome costumes!

The Kings said...

Love the idea we came up with a few years ago to have the syrups talk!!:-)