Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Marathon Weekend part two

After the marathon and lunch we made the beautiful drive up to Bryce Canyon. 
All the fall colors were out and it was so pretty. 

We made it to our lodge and settled in.

We had dinner at a nearby cafe, went swimming, and did some shopping at the gift shop. 
Maddy wanted rocks and a guide about rocks.

After her bath she fell asleep reading about rocks. 

The next morning we got up and went to meet everyone in the main lodge for breakfast.

My parents with all of the grandkids that were still there before we checked out. 

We wandered around the grounds a bit taking a bunch of pictures. 

I wanted to get pictures of the girls in front of this wall because Doug and I took our engagement photos there.

My favorite. I made it black and white because our photo was.

Then we drove through Bryce seeing all the beautiful formations before heading for home.

We had the long drive ahead of us but we all had such a fun time.

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The Kings said...

Such fun photos!! Thanks so much for coming down for the race!