Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Maddy's birthday

We had a really fun weekend for Maddy's birthday. 
The Saturday before her birthday we had her friend party. 
We did an art theme. 
The table set up for the party...

How we did the cupcakes...

As we were waiting for the party, my sister in law Karen dropped by and brought her a gift. 

Then the kids started showing up. 
We let them start painting right away. 

We had canvas for all the kids to paint but Abi wanted to paint some shoes. 

Painting was the only/ main activity. 
After they all said they were done we did gifts. 

She got a lot of great things. She was most excited about the Sewing kit and Shopkins gingerbread house kit from my parents. 
After gifts it was time for the cupcakes. 
The cupcakes were already baked and frosted and the kids had a bunch of different kinds of sprinkles to decorate with. 

This is what a sugar coma looks like. 

She spent the rest of the day sewing and making a gingerbread house. 

Sunday was her actual birthday and that is when we gave her the gifts from us. 

She immediately started making lip balm from the Num Noms truck. That is messy. 

Then we had some more cupcakes. 

We sure love our little Madeline.

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The Kings said...

Such an adorable little birthday girl! Glad she enjoyed her painting party so much!