Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Years Eve

We spent New Years Eve at my parent's house again this year. 
We took along the balloons to decorate the tree. 
Throughout the night we popped them for money!

Maddy could not pop hers!

We finally popped it with a pen and then continued to do that with all of them. 

 My mom made yummy hoagies and we watched Matilda (after finishing the book with the girls). 
Then we played Trivial Pursuit. 

Maddy won!

I had the girls fill out little 2015 sheets. 

We made ice cream sundaes!

Maddy went crazy with the sprinkles!

 As midnight loomed, everyone was still awake! 
It was Maddy's first time making it to midnight. 
We got our crackers and sparkling cider ready. 

Happy 2016!

Abi got a parachute guy in her cracker. 
Making him fly....

It was a great New Years Eve and we are so excited for 2016!


The Kings said...

It was a wonderful way to celebrate the ending of 2015 and celebrate the beginning of 2016...to have you and the girls celebrate with us!! Thank you for coming and sharing fun traditions with us!! Loved the pictures!! Happy 2016!!

cheryl said...

So glad you let us come!