Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More December moments

Here are some of our December activities I haven't posted about yet. 
One day we decided to make Salt Dough ornaments. 
They had a lot of fun cutting these out. 

Abi's ornaments ready to bake. 

Maddy wasn't ready to stop and she cut out ornaments for at least an hour while dancing to the Christmas music that was playing. 

As soon as they were all baked they began to paint them. 

Another activity we had really been looking forward to was making a gingerbread house. 
I hear about people using silicon molds all the time and loving them. I found one for a gingerbread house and was so excited to try it out. 
It was kind of an epic fail. 

It still tasted good though according to Maddy who kept sneaking pieces while it was cooling off.

The house wouldn't stand up or stick together so I came up with the idea to just have them each have one side of the house mold on a plate and they could decorate it that way. That ended up working really well and they had a great time decorating. 

We also made some cookies. 

The frosting ended up really runny and I was going to fix it but they wanted it left that way.

It was really messy.

They got along really well over Christmas break and played Legos a ton.

Their favorite was Abi's Grand Hotel she got on her birthday from us and my parents. 

There was also a lot of snow play. 

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The Kings said...

All the pictures were so cute! I love the ornaments the girls gave us...and I think your rethinking of the gingerbread houses was great!