Monday, January 11, 2016

Gifts with Grammy and Grandfather

The day after Doug's parents arrived they came over to hang out for a little while. 
They had sent us some Christmas presents from Hong Kong when they didn't know they would be home for Christmas so they wanted us to open them up with them. 
The girls opened their gifts first.

They each received new purses, some cool Chinese candy, two beautiful bracelets, and little boxes that they came in. 

One of the bracelets they each received were these beautiful pearl bracelets. 

This was Maddy's first purse and she was thrilled. She loves it so much she carries it everywhere.

Doug got a kimono. 
Then the girls helped him open the family gift. 

A gong!

I got some parachute type pants. Not ones I can wear out and about but I will definitely wear them on Chinese New Year!

They also gave us this beautiful Chinese ornament.

Here is the gong all set up. 

They also gave us some Chopsticks along with some special chopsticks for the girls that will make learning how to use them easier. 

So much fun to spend some time with them so unexpectedly.