Tuesday, January 5, 2016

12th anniversary

This past December Doug and I celebrated our twelfth anniversary. 
My grandma was having her holiday open house the same evening so we went to that first. 
The girls were so cute and I tried to get a picture of them before leaving... and that led to all of these. 

We usually treat our anniversary as a family holiday- the beginning of our family. 
So it is fun to spend it with our kids and see what our twelve years have brought us. 
After the open house we went to dinner at Chili's. 

It was a fun night and I am so happy to have such a fun little family.


The Kings said...

So adorable!

Seth and Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! We always did the family celebration too until we had a child old enough to babysit. Woo Hoo!

cheryl said...

Thanks! Yeah, that will be awesome when that day comes. Although, Maddy doesn't like to take orders from Abi so it may be when they are both old enough to stay home alone. :)