Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Christmas Day

We had a very snowy Christmas. 
Normally we would just have stayed home all day but since Doug's parents were home we decided to go over and visit for a while. His mom said she had some more things to give to the girls. 
Walking to the car I looked up through the snowy branches and saw the lamp post. It reminded me of Narnia.

Doug's sister Wendy and her family surprised everyone by coming home to visit too once they found out their parents were here. I was so excited to see Claire again... but she didn't remember me. It took a while for her to warm up to us again but it was so much fun (and weird!) to see her walking around and being so much older.

Doug's mom gave the girls to baskets of clothes for their American Girl dolls. She picked up a bunch of stuff in Hong Kong. 
They were so excited to try it all out. 

Maddy and Claire goofed off a lot. Claire was chasing Maddy around and jumping on her which Maddy thought was hilarious.

We had a good time. 
Soon we went back home and played some more and then had our traditional Christmas dinner of ham, corn, and mashed potatoes. 

And of course doing our Christmas Crackers. 

For dessert we tried this plum pudding. You can see more about that on Scones and Crackers. 

It was not a hit. 
The rest of the evening was spent reading and playing with toys. 
It was a wonderful Christmas.


The Kings said...

Fun photos and glad you all had so much fun!

Seth and Julie said...

We all have those epic fail moments, but decorating the sides of the gingerbread house was a stroke of genius. I probably would have been frustrated and tossed it before I thought of that.

cheryl said...