Friday, January 8, 2016

Family surprise

 The evening after my family's Christmas party we had dinner at Doug's brother's house to celebrate Christmas and hang out together. 

We were all a little disappointed that we couldn't skype with his parents that evening like we were hoping to. They weren't available. 
The next night we found out why. 
 It was almost bedtime and we were all getting ready for bed. 
Then there was a knock on our door. 
I heard Doug answer it and heard his brother Mark talking and laughing. 
Doug called for us to come to the room. 
When we walked in his parents were standing there!

We were all confused and shocked as we weren't expecting them until April. 
They explained that they have been given a new mission and so they were sent home for Christmas and a few extra weeks to prepare for their new mission (we won't know what it is until March) and then they will go back to Hong Kong before going onto their next adventure. 
We were so excited to see them. 
We all jumped in our cars and made a caravan to his other siblings houses to surprise everyone. 

We stayed at Steven and Samantha's house for awhile talking and hanging out and just enjoying being with them again.


Seth and Julie said...

Wow! Awesome! Where are they going next? Maybe you answer that in a later post and I will get the answer if I keep reading. What a great surprise, but ick to having them leave again when you were expecting them to be home for good in April.

cheryl said...

I know you saw it, but yes, they are going to Vietnam.
It was a lot harder to say goodbye to them this time but it's fun to watch them on their adventures.