Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Eve: Part Two

Soon it was time to open the rest of the gifts in the Christmas Eve box.

My favorite things in our box are our new Christmas pajamas and books. 

Abi went first. 

Then Maddy. 

"Hey! Our pajamas match!"

They loved having matching jammies! It doesn't happen as much anymore. 

Then it was Doug's turn. He always tells me not to get him new ones. He doesn't mind having only a couple of pairs to rotate. 
So I wrapped up some that he already had. 

He had been asking me for days if I knew where these were while I acted like I didn't know. 
"Oh! Here they are!" 

Then I opened mine but apparently have no picture of it. 
There were two more boxes for the girls. They thought they were going to be their books. 
I told them to open them at the same time. 

 They started getting so excited when they saw American Girl boxes. 
I bought their pajamas on American Girl's website during a sale a couple of months ago and they came with free matching pajamas for the dolls!

They LOVED them!

Next we gave them the real books. 

Abi got a My Little Pony book.

Maddy got some Berenstain Bear books. 

Doug got Illuminae. Since he doesn't read much he usually gets a book that I want to read. 

I got Mr. Lemoncello's Library and there are my pajamas, aka the most comfortable things in the world. These pants. I got them at Shopko and they feel like you are immersing your legs in warm water. Most comfortable thing I own. The shirt is just a long sleeve cozy tee shirt from Target.

We separated to all get into our new jammies. 

Time for pictures kids! 
They got their dolls into their pajamas too. 

 We needed to read The Night Before Christmas before bedtime so Maddy brought it to me.

And we snuggled while I read. 

We made Doug stick his leg in just for a picture. 

We got the milk and cookies ready for Santa. Madeline wrote the note for him. 

Abi left out a picture she drew of Santa and his Christmas cat for Santa to have with a thank you note for whatever he was bringing. 

Then we got the girls into bed. This is the only night of the year they beg to go to bed early. 
Maddy was the most excited I have ever seen her and kept saying, "I am so excited! I am so excited!" I had to go get my camera and get a picture of her face in bed. 

We tucked them in and they drifted off to sleep.